Aspire Bow

Non-ILf Takedown Recurve –

“We expected the price to be 3X more due to the quality and precision of the product.”

– Jennie Richardson
S3DA Executive Director

Here’s a complete, 66- or 70-inch, takedown recurve bow that’s ideal for beginner to intermediate archers. The riser is made of lightweight magnesium, and it’s got mounts for sight, stabilizers, plunger and clicker. The riser comes with bolt-on limbs of the draw weight of your choosing. The limbs feature hard maple cores faced with black fiberglass. Comes complete with a Dacron, B-50 bowstring.

Technical Info

  • Non-ILF Takedown Recurve
  • Cast Magnesium Riser for Lightweight Strength
  • Black Fiberglass/Hard Maple Core Limbs
  • Ready for Sight, Plunger, Clicker and Stabilizers
  • Includes Dacron B-50 Bow String
  • 66” available in 15, 20, 25, 29, or 35 lb. limb weights
  • 70” available in 20, 25, 29, or 35 lb. limb weights
  • 2.25 lbs. mass weight with limbs
  • Available in Black, Silver, Red (RH/LH), Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue (RH Only)

MSRP - $129.99