Black Ridge 70″ Longbow

70″ Hunting Longbow –

Simple and Accurate.

Built with a rich, dark chocolate and reddish-brown wood, the Black Ridge 70″ Longbow features a crowned shelf and comfortable, contoured grip. Black fiberglass covers the belly and back faces of the limbs, encasing hard maple core laminations that taper out to phenolic tips which are fast-flight compatible.  A Dacron, B-50 bow string is included to complete the setup, which is a great choice for bowhunting, 3-D shooting or just target shooting in the backyard.

Technical Info

  • 70” AMO, One Piece Hunting Longbow
  • Rich, Dark Chocolate and Reddish Brown Wood
  • Satin Black Fiberglass on limbs, belly and back
  • Hard Maple Core Laminations with Phenolic Tips
  • Crowned Shelf and Comfortable Grip
  • Includes Dacron B-50 Bow String
  • Includes Hair Rest

MSRP - $209.99