Bronze Star Limbs

Glass/Wood ILF Recurve Limbs –

“The Galaxy Crescent and Bronze Star combination is the best place to start for a beginning archer.”

– Dan Jackson
JOAD Archery Coach, Gold N Grain Archery

The Galaxy Bronze Star limb is an entry-level Olympic recurve limb that offers competition-grade performance. Made of hardwood maple and fiberglass, the Bronze Star will help you hone your skills as you get started and advance into competitive archery.  Fits any of the Galaxy risers, as well as all ILF and Hoyt Grand Prix risers.

Technical Info

  • Affordable Wood and Fiberglass ILF Recurve Limbs
  • Korean Sourced Fiberglass with Hard Maple Core construction
  • Standard ILF Limb Fitting fit ILF or Hoyt Grand Prix Risers
  • Available Lengths:  66”  68”  70”
  • Available Weights: 16-40 lbs. in 2# increments

MSRP - $109.99