Crescent Riser

25” ILF Riser –

“Consistently accurate and stable.”

– Hendrick Gouws
Owner and Head Coach, Central Florida Archery

Here’s a lightweight, all-inclusive riser at a price that’s guaranteed to get you on the line. The Galaxy Crescent is a 25-inch ILF riser that’s made of magnesium and weighs just a hair over 2 pounds. Designed for maximum performance with the Galaxy Bronze or Silver Star limbs, but it’s compatible with any ILF or Hoyt Grand Prix limbs. Add all of your favorite Olympic archery equipment – sight, stabilizers, plunger and rest and clicker – because this riser has all the bushings and attachment holes you’ll need to lead the competition.

Technical Info

  • Lightweight Magnesium 25” ILF Riser
  • Accepts all ILF or Hoyt Grand Prix Limbs
  • Ready for Sight, Plunger, Clicker and Stabilizers
  • Mass Weight 2.01 lbs.
  • Available Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green, White, Red, Purple
  • Includes: Clicker extension and limb bolt adjustment tool

MSRP - $99.99