Gold Star Limbs

Carbon/Foam ILF Recurve Limbs –

The Mark of Excellence.

The Galaxy Gold Star limbs are built for competition performance, without breaking your wallet. These are high quality ILF limbs, so they’ll fit either of the Galaxy risers, or any other ILF or Hoyt Grand Prix riser on the market. The dual carbon/foam core construction means these limbs are lightweight and fast, recovering quickly from shot to shot.

Technical Info

  • Competition Quality, High Performance, yet Affordable
  • Korean Sourced Unidirectional and Cross Carbon Fibers with a Foam Core
  • Standard ILF Limb Fitting fit ILF or Hoyt Grand Prix Risers
  • Available Lengths:  66”  68”  70”
  • Available Weights: 28-44 lbs. in 2# increments

MSRP - $289.99