Mag Hunter Bow

Non-ILF Takedown Recurve Bow –

Traditional Bowhunting Refined.

For the traditional bowhunter who wants the possibility of adding a few accessories to the bow, the Mag Hunter is the perfect choice. This is a 58-inch, takedown recurve, with an aluminum riser for extra strength and rigidity. It’s drilled and tapped for a stabilizer, sight and plunger. The bolt-on limbs have hard maple cores faced with black fiberglass, and the come in various hunting-appropriate draw weights. Included is a Dacron, B-50 bowstring.

Technical Info

  • 58” AMO Length, Non-ILF Takedown Recurve
  • Aluminum Riser for strength and durability
  • Black Fiberglass/Hard Maple Core Limbs
  • Drilled/Tapped for Sight, Plunger and Stabilizer
  • Includes Dacron B-50 Bow String and Hair Rest
  • Choose 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 lb. Limb Weights
  • Black, Right Hand Only- 2.25 lbs. mass weight with limbs

MSRP - $179.99