Sear Limbs

Glass/Wood ILF Recurve Limbs –

Power and Speed for Bowhunters.

High-quality laminated fiberglass and wood are the calling card of the Sear limb. For maximum performance, use these limbs with the Sear riser, but since they are ILF limbs, they can be used with any ILF or Hoyt Grand Prix riser. These limbs are built primarily for bowhunting, so they come in hunting-appropriate draw weights.

Technical Info

  • Limbs are constructed of high quality fiberglass and wood lamination
  • Produces high speeds and amazing power
  • Designed for performance while maintaining durability and reliability
  • 60” AMO on a 17″ riser
  • International Limb Fittings (ILF) can be used on all ILF risers
  • Draw Weight Options: 30, 35, 40, 45 ,50 and 55 lbs.

MSRP - $139.99