Sear Riser

17″ ILF Recurve Riser –

An ILF-Compatible Hunting Riser.

The Galaxy Sear is a quality, 17-inch ILF riser primarily intended for bowhunters, but which can be used on the target range as well. It’s made of CNC machined aluminum, so it will deliver consistency shot after shot. The Sear features an opposing screw, lateral limb adjustment system. It’s got mounting holes for a plunger and stabilizer, so you can add those if you choose. For maximum performance, you can add the Sear limbs to this riser, but it will accept any ILF or Hoyt Grand Prix limbs.

Technical Info

  • 7075 CNC Machined Aluminum Riser
  • Designed for Performance while Maintaining Durability and Reliability
  • Includes: stick on rest, bolt on rest, shelf plate, and string
  • Recommended Brace Height: 7-1/2” – 8”
  • ILF limb fittings
  • Riser Length: 17”
  • Mass Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Right Hand Only

MSRP - $199.99