Slicker Clicker

Slicker Clicker –

Universal Sight Mounted Clicker.

A clicker is critical for Olympic recurve archers making sure they draw the bow the same distance on each and every shot. Slicker Clicker is the answer for archers who shoot long arrows and still want a clicker. It mounts to most dovetail target sights so you can have a clicker beyond the riser. Don’t guess when to release. Shoot the Slicker Clicker.

Technical Info

  • Fully Adjustable, Sight Mounted Clicker
  • Easily Mounts to Most Dovetail Style Target Sights with Included Blocks
  • Great for All Archers That Need An Arrow That Extends Past the Front of he Riser Where a Riser Mounted Clicker Would Stop
  • Can Be Adjusted by Moving Along the Sight Bar or By Rotating the Included Beiter Clicker on the Drop Bar
  • Marking Lines Ensure Your Clicker Is In the Same Spot for Consistent Anchoring and Shot Timing
  • Includes: Slicker Clicker, 5 Different Size Blocks for Sight Bars, 0.25 Beiter Clicker and Allen Keys for Adjustments

MSRP - $39.99