Vega Takedown Recurve Bow

Fast and Compact –

Portable and maneuverable.

Here’s a fast, compact recurve that will allow you to weave through the brush, while stalking game or targets. This 60-inch, takedown bow features a deflex limb design for refined accuracy and smooth power. Available in draw weights of 30-55 pounds, in 5-pound increments. Made of fine hardwoods, the riser features ¼-20 bushings for mounting a quiver. Complete bow includes fast flight Flemish string.

Technical Info

  • Galaxy “Classic Series” Takedown Recurve
  • A fast compact 60″ recurve bow
  • Hand crafted from fine hardwoods
  • Smooth power for traditional archers and bowhunters
  • Deflex limb design for refined accuracy
  • High speed black glass with a double maple core
  • Radiused shelf
  • Reinforced limb tips
  • 1/4” -20 quiver bushings for side mount quivers
  • Recommended brace height: 7” – 8”
  • Riser length: 18”
  • Complete bow mass weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Includes: fast flight flemish string

MSRP - $319.98